SPC technology stone floor stands for Stone Plastic Composite, a type of Composite material with a plastic substrate (most commonly PVC plastic) combined with calcium carbonate white limestone powder. SPC technology stone floor is a new generation construction material with a superior 5-layer structure. With many outstanding features, more useful than plastic floors, laminate floors, ceramic tiles, ... with beautiful and rich designs. SPC technology stone floor is a product that can replace traditional flooring materials and is becoming more and more popular both domestically and internationally

What materials and content for producing SPC?

SPC machines produce materials mainly is Polyvinyl Chloride powder and Calcium powder, the content percentage is PVC powder: Calcium powder=1:3, and reasonable content of accessory ingredients as a stabilizer, black carbon, and DOTP oil.

  • Calcium powder requires standards of 350-400muesh for SPC flooring, reasonable whiteness, and humidity. More content of Calcium will increase board hardness and decrease flexibility and increase shrinking percentage.
  • DOTP oil with the function of internal and outer lubricants to control flexibility. Almost colorless low viscosity liquid, because PVC itself is a hard material, add plasticizer, plastic products can be soft, easy to bend, fold, good elasticity and easy to shape.
  • Stabilizer: Slow down the reaction, maintain chemical balance, and reduce surface tension, prevent light, thermal decomposition, or oxidation reactions, causing to final products quality more stable. Besides, materials composition is done by stabilizer fusion, which also plays a shaping role.  If quality is not good, shaping will not be good enough cause the to board be easily broken, increase producing difficulty, and decrease capacity.
  • Black carbon is the pigment with the strongest coloring and hiding power. Most stable pigments, heat, chemical and light resistance, different quality cause to color effect different
  • Accessory EPC401, as lubricants for extruding all kinds of powder evenly.

What is the structure of SPC flooring

Structure SPC technology stone floor consists of 5 layers: UV coating, scratch-resistant layer, pattern film layer, core layer, and base layer.

  • UV coating: enhances the clarity of the vein film, resists fading.
  • Anti-scratch layer: reduce the impact when there is an external force to prevent scratches, protect the floor surface, create an effect like wood grain, natural stone grain, anti-slip
  • Patterned film layer: creating the aesthetics of Royal SPC technology stone floor – thanks to advanced printing technology, the floor surface has true, sharp, and natural colors like wood, natural stone or carpet.
  • Core layer: made of CaCO3 white limestone powder and PVC primary plastic. This is the most important layer to make a good quality SPC technology stone floor product, high durability up to 20 years, 100% waterproof, bearing, impact-resistant...
  • Insole: the rubber sole enhances the ability to stick to the surface, is easy to apply on absolutely uneven surfaces, makes walking on the floor smoother, effective in absorption. absorb, absorb and reduce noise.

Tan Ky Mineral Processing Joint-stock company is supplying Calcium carbonate powder for SPC application. We own mine and Factory located in Nghean province, Vietnamese 

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