On the morning of December 27, Nghe An Customs Department held a business dialogue conference (DN) 2019 and disseminated legal documents on customs. There were nearly 200 representatives of enterprises having import and export activities through the locality.

The two officials heard that the phone number 200 had the right to operate in the export field through Nghe An Customs Department: The State budget submitted over VND 8.3 billion from post-clearance inspection.

Speaking at the conference, Mr. Chu Quang Hai, Director of Nghe An Customs Department, said that in 2019, Nghe An Customs has done import and export procedures for more than 321 enterprises with 27,982 sets of declarations, thereby importing and exporting turnover through the country. the table reached US $ 1,672.14 million, up 26.8% over the same period. By the end of December 26, the entire State budget collection and collection reached 1,589.3 billion, reaching 93.48% of the ordinance target (VND 1,700 billion) and reached 88.89% of the target (1.788). billions dong). The main import and export items such as: white limestone of all kinds, marble, construction stone, parquet flooring, wood chips, clinker, machinery, aluminum coil of all kinds, feed for dairy cows, cold rolled steel, grain plastics, electronic components, vegetable oil, gasoline, oil ...

The two officials heard that the phone with the 200-year-old phone could be exported to the local market
View of the conference. Photo: H. Mu

“The organization of the annual business dialogue conference to improve mutual understanding between the business community and the state management agencies in general and the customs office in particular, thereby contributing to improving the capacity index provincial competition and in fact promoted each year. Every year, Nghe An Customs organizes dialogues with businesses, thereby removing obstacles for businesses, ”Mr. Chu Quang Hai emphasized.

In recent years, Nghe An Customs Department has well implemented the reform of administrative procedures in import and export activities, creating favorable conditions for enterprises to carry out import and export procedures through their localities. In order to get the above results, most of the contribution of the business community is the main force contributing to the state budget revenue of the province in import and export activities.

At the conference, representatives of the Operation Department also introduced, propagated and disseminated regulations, policies and guiding documents related to the customs field, related to import and export activities such as: Circular 12/2019 / TT-BCT of the Ministry of Industry and Trade and Circular 62/2019 / TT-BTC of the Ministry of Finance, Decree 57/2019 / ND-CP of the Government, Circular 60/2019 / TT-BTC of the Ministry of Finance.

At the conference, enterprises having import and export activities in Nghe An province participated in the discussion, raised problems in the operation process such as: Decentralizing the declaration form for ultrafine stone goods; time of price consultation for on-spot import and export declaration; destruction of supplies, faulty products and discarded materials during export processing and production; declare the customs value for the type of export goods for construction machinery and equipment ...

Enterprises also recommend and propose mechanisms and policies related to import and export activities, especially the reform of administrative procedures in an increasingly convenient, simple and open manner for businesses.

Nghe An Customs Representative answered questions about customs procedures for businesses; At the same time, he said that he would continue to strongly reform the administrative procedures to deal with the one-door mechanism, accelerate the application of IT, modernize customs, and implement the highest level of online public service system. with each procedure.

In addition, to strengthen the coordination of forces inside and outside the industry, local authorities have done well in combating smuggling, trade fraud, ensuring benefits and fairness for businesses participating in import and export.

In order to continue the deep and extensive deployment of Customs - Business partner activities and related parties, Nghe An Customs Department encourages the business community to actively cooperate, share and accompany with Customs authorities. In particular, Nghe An Customs will strengthen business dialogue on specific topics and target groups for businesses to share, reflect information, remove difficulties, obstacles and build understanding and consensus. between Customs and enterprises.

According to Mr. Chu Quang Hai, to be effective, the unit will coordinate with the typical enterprise association; Nghe An Association of Small and Medium Enterprises; VCCI Nghe An branch; Southeastern Economic Zone Management Board; import and export enterprises in Nghe An province; Export production and processing enterprises; Warehouse business enterprises; customs agents and state management agencies related to customs. Through that propaganda benefits, results from partner activities to build trust of the customs business community. Propagate and disseminate policies and laws to enterprises in a specialized manner, close to the needs of businesses.

Nghe An Customs Department will also enhance consultation with enterprises in the process of developing documents, guiding law implementation,

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