* White limestone in Yen Bai

White limestone in Yen Bai has a large scale and relatively good quality that can be used as paving stone or as an industrial mineral, concentrated mainly in Luc Yen district (white limestone for paving stone and used to make industrial minerals) and Mong Son commune, Yen Binh district (white limestone is used as an industrial mineral, produces cement). Inside:

White limestone for paving stone: about 1,300 million m3;

White limestone for cement and industrial minerals: about 600 million m3 (equivalent to 1,620 million tons).

Up to October 30, 2013 in Yen Bai province, there are currently 30 white limestone mining licenses (granted to 27 enterprises), the Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment has granted 27 permits and the provincial People's Committee has issued. 03 licenses. In which, 28 licenses are still valid, 02 licenses are expired applying for re-issuance.

Mining capacity of white limestone in the province: 2.3 million m3 / year (making paving stone) and 12.0 million tons / year (as industrial minerals), total capacity of about 6.7 million m3 /year.

At present, there are only two districts of Yen Binh and Luc Yen in the province engaged in exploiting white limestone:

In Mong Son commune, Yen Binh district, there are 7 valid mining licenses: of which 6 mines have been operating effectively, and the remaining one is granted to Industrial Joint Stock Company. basic construction of the mine is underway (making the way to the mine to create the first mining area) according to the established mine design.

In Luc Yen district, there are 21 valid mining licenses: 8 mines are in operation, 03 mines are temporarily suspended, the remaining mines are under construction or under construction. land procedures have not been put into operation yet.

In processing, most of the projects of exploiting white limestone in Yen Bai province are associated with processing plants (sawn to make paving stone or crushed ultrafine calcium carbonate powder). A number of licensed enterprises have put mines into exploitation and have stable processing factories such as Yen Bai Cement and Mineral Joint Stock Company and Yen Binh Cement Joint Stock Company with a manufacturing plant. cement production; R.K Vietnam Marble Co., Ltd, Hung Dai Duong Trade and Production Joint Stock Company (with sawn stone factory making paving stone and calcium carbonate powder grinding factory), YBB Calcium Carbonate Joint Venture Company, DVSXTR 327 Enterprise (with calcium carbonate powder grinding plant), Van Khoa Investment Joint Stock Company ...


In Luc Yen district, RK Vietnam Marble Co., Ltd is a foreign-invested enterprise that has invested in quarrying and processing fairly white limestone, with advanced technology, currently The Company has invested in building a stable stone sawing plant, and also invested in building a calcium carbonate powder grinding plant. This is one of the few enterprises operating effectively on a large scale in Luc Yen district, after being allowed to continue exporting stone blocks, the company has continued to invest in technological lines in mining. exploitation and processing to expand production scale and increase labor productivity.

In general, in the process of deploying exploitation activities, enterprises still face difficulties in compensation and site clearance, which leads to loss of time not ensuring the construction progress, this is also a common difficulty of operating units. mining activities in the area.

Some mines are of low mineral quality, which do not meet the market's requirements for whiteness and solidity, so the production efficiency is low (such as Granite Limited Company - Granida, Gemstone and Gold Joint Stock Company. Yen Bai), even not bringing economic efficiency, must suspend production such as Cuu Phu Trading Co., Ltd., Chan Thien My Co., Ltd.

Some enterprises lack capital capacity, experience in exploiting, processing and finding consumption markets; Not yet invested in processing, especially paving stone. Therefore, the progress of the mines is put into operation slowly, the exploited products also depend on the export of solid stone.

In paving stone exploitation, some enterprises have invested in processing plants but the processing capacity is not suitable with the exploitation capacity, the main product is still block stone for export. Therefore, the maximum exploitation of mining products has not yet been made, and it is wasted resources.

 * White limestone in Nghe An

White stone resources in Nghe An has reserves of nearly 200 million tons (equivalent to white stone reserves in Yen Bai).

 The area of ​​white limestone resources can be classified into four main areas:
Region I: belongs to Chau Hong and Lien Hop communes (Quy Hop) with white calcite marble of the region with great potential and good quality, convenient transportation infrastructure.
Region II: Belongs to Tan Xuan, Tan Ky, Nghe An
Region III: Belong to Chau Cuong and Chau Quang communes (Quy Hop). This area has a large and good quality distribution of white marble.
Region IV: Part 1 of Chau Quang, Chau Loc and Chau Dinh communes (Quy Hop). Features of this region have a wide distribution of marble. There are two types of marble: calcite marble and dolomite marble. White calcite marble is an industrial mineral with 694.52 million tons of which C1 + C2 level is 123.14 million tons, P1 + P2 level resource is 571.11 million tons; White, gray and white dolomite marble is an MgO-poor industrial mineral (less than 20%) of P1 + P2-grade resources: 114,496 million tons.

Mine exploitation activity of Tan Ky Mineral Processing Companyhinh anh mo 2


Mable Stone:
To date, 12 mines have been surveyed with reserves of 326,138 million m3. Paving quarries have been investigated including flowering limestone, crushed stone, conglomerate and granite.
* Flowering limestone: 8 mines have been surveyed with a reserve of 299,123 million m3. Marble has many colors: black, gray and white, pure white, blue and white, etc ... The Do Village marble (Quy Hop district) has been studied since 1973 along with the search for paving stones for Ho Chi Minh Mausoleum was built and has been exploited for more than 20 years. Monolithic of marble usually reaches 0.5 to 0.8 m3. Do Do Marble has large blocks of 3 x 1.5 x 1 m used in architectural art, visualization ...
* Crushed and conglomerate: Three mines have been surveyed with reserves of 22,025 million m3. The stone has many different colors: green, cyan, dark gray, brown ... blocks of 1 x 1 x 1 m size. The recovery coefficient reaches 20-25%.


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